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Accessibility Policy

In accordance with state and federal law, The Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authority (RIHEAA) has adopted the following policy with respect to web accessibility:

  • The RIHEAA web site and the information contained within should, whenever possible, be available to all users regardless of physical ability, technical knowledge, or availability of specific non-standard software, code interpreters, or plug-ins.
  • RIHEAA will take all reasonable steps to meet or exceed the accessibility policy adopted for use on the State of Rhode Island Web Portal ( These standards meet or exceed the minimum compliance defined by the Federal Access Board (
  • Web browser compatibility issues will be addressed as follows:

    Netscape 6.0 and higher, Internet Explorer 5.0 and Higher
    All content and graphics are available. Page is formatted correctly. Navigation functions correctly. Decorative features are fully supported if Javascript is enabled.
    Netscape 4.0
    All content and graphics are available. Text line spacing may be subject to defects due to inconsistencies in CSS support. Navigation functions correctly. Decorative features are fully supported if Javascript is enabled.
    Netscape or Internet Explorer 3.0
    All content and graphics are available. Basic navigation is available. Decorative features may not work correctly with or without Javascript.
    Text Browsers and Graphical Browsers supporting HTML 2.0 or less
    All text and graphical content available. All pages accessible via rudimentary navigation.
    "Screen Reading" Browsers Designed for Blind Individuals
    All content is available. Alternate text descriptions are available for useful graphics, photos, or media files (not including spacer graphics, etc.). Site content will be read to the user in the correct order.
    PDA, Cell Phone, WAP, and other Wireless Devices
    Support not guaranteed
    WebTV™, MailStation™, and Similar Web Appliance Devices
    Support not guaranteed
  • Portions of the RIHEAA web site may be made available in Adobe PDF file format. When possible, files of this type will meet or exceed the requirements defined by Adobe for accessible PDF files ( If the file does not meet these guidlines, it will be made available to the user in an alternative format upon request.

Pages found on this site that are not compliant with the above policy should be reported to

Persons needing assistance with our web site or those requesting that site content be provided in an alternative format should contact RIHEAA by telephone or email.